Step-By-Step Posing for Portrait Photography - Jeff Smith

Step-By-Step Posing for Portrait Photography

By Jeff Smith

  • Release Date: 2014-12-26
  • Genre: Photography


In portrait photography, posing must make the client look amazing, and this book takes photographers through that process from start to finish. With short, one- or two-page lessons that are amply illustrated with before and after images, the book guides the reader through each phase, from the positioning of arms and hands to the degree of the head tilt and shifting the weight. Image sequences showing variations and posing alternatives are also presented to customize a pose for an individual subject, accentuating the assets and minimizing the flaws. Readers are encouraged to take this book with them on shoots and work on replicating or refining the provided examples, creating a self-study course in the art of posing for portrait photography. This thorough guide shows how to get the pose to work within the photo’s composition—sure to give portraits a finished, professional look.