If You Really Loved Me - Ann Rule

If You Really Loved Me

By Ann Rule

  • Release Date: 1992-04-01
  • Genre: True Crime
Score: 4
From 8 Ratings


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David Brown, a self-made millionaire by the age of thirty-two, had a seemingly perfect life: a lucrative business, a beautiful young wife and a daughter who loved him very much. His life changed drastically after his wife was shot to death while she slept in their home and his then fourteen-year old daughter Cinnamon confessed to the cold-blooded murder. She was sentenced to twenty-four years to life for the crime. It wasn’t until two lawyers started digging into the complex investigation shortly before Cinnamon was convicted that the true nature of David Brown was revealed and startling new evidence that showed his twisted and perverse personal life was brought to the case. Was David Brown the bland, desolate widower he seemed to be? Or did he use manipulative tactics against the women who loved and feared him? 

Editorial Reviews:
"A story of crime and punishment...bizarre enough to rivet anyone's attention."
— The New York Times Book Review

"Bone chilling. A truly staggering case."
— The Washington Post”

“Rule, who scored a great success with Small Sacrifices, has triumphed again with this story of a millionaire computer expert seen as archetypal sociopath. In 1985 Southern Californian David Brown arranged, with the connivance of his 17-year-old sister-in-law, Patti, to have his daughter by his first marriage, 14-year-old Cinnamon, shoot and kill his 23-year-old wife, Linda. Apprehended, Cinnamon pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a 27-year term, keeping silent about the roles of her father, aged 32, and Patti in the murder. Eventually, however, she did implicate the pair, now-married, and they were arrested. From his jail cell Brown plotted the murders of Patti, the investigator and prosecutor on the case, but the convicts he enlisted to carry out his scheme betrayed him, bringing further charges. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, while Patti was placed in the custody of the California Youth Authority. In this vivid account, a monster to whom every other human being was a "throwaway person'' is masterfully portrayed.” - Publisher's Weekly

“Best-selling true crime author Rule ( Small Sacrifices , NAL, 1987) tells the story of computer businessman David Brown, a "complete sociopath'' who manipulated his 14-year-old daughter, Cinnamon, into murdering his 23-year-old wife in Orange County, California in 1985. Brown collected some $800,000 in insurance money and married his wife's 17-year-old sister while Cinnamon went to the reformatory. Despite her "confession,'' prosecuting investigator Jay Newell felt uneasy about Cinnamon's alleged vague and trivial motives. He continued to pursue the case and in 1990 Brown was convicted of masterminding his wife's murder. This lengthy account is generally engrossing, and it is recommended for public libraries.-- Gregor A. Preston, Univ. of California Lib., Davis” - Library Journal